How to start

Below is the program of speakers and the topic of speeches

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1 step

The project should be based on technology

The investment market of Asia is primarily interested in any technology and development related to blockchain. Special attention is paid to projects of AR,VR ,ML ,BD ,BC direction.
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2 step

Defining project needs

During the negotiations with the project, Our team finds out the readiness of the project,its strategy to promote to the Asian markets and which companies partners see the project in their portfolio.
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3 step

Project evaluation by experts

Careful check of the project as a technical component, and check the team, marketing, packaging. After that, the project is provided with a report indicating the points where you want to implement improvements and recommendations for building a strategy for the Asian market.
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4 step

Listing on the website

After successful completion of the evaluation, the project is placed on the site,which will allow investors to get acquainted with the project when visiting our site.
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5 step

Packaging and distribution of information to investors

After correcting the indications of the evaluation, the dissemination of information and the presentation of the project to investors. After receiving the feedback, Our team announces the answer from investors.
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6 Шаг

Preparation Of Commercial Offer

If you need to meet with the investor, Our team prepares the KP which indicates the price for holding a meeting with investors interested in the project. Also, an agreement on cooperation is signed, in which the interest of the parties and their duties are voiced.
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7 Шаг

Holding a meeting and receiving an offer

The advantage of Our company is that we help you before,during,and after attracting investments. During the negotiations, We will be the guarantor for investors that will call the degree of trust, and upon receipt of the offer,Our team assists in negotiating and compressing the investor.
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Road Show in China

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